The Future of Education

Mission — To improve the state of Education.

As interconnectedness shrinks our world, the impact of higher education continues to grow. Today we face an educational crisis as our global marketplace gets more complex with new technologies and continual economic disruptions. Individuals often don't have the proper knowledge and skills to enter the workforce caused by deficiencies in all levels of education. A normal career today often means changing jobs and professions numerous times, requiring continual education throughout one's life.

To meet these educational challenges facing society and our economy, we need to develop elegant solutions that significantly improve the state of higher education. We need to:

  • Further the democratization of higher education to allow as many students to further their education as possible and meet the needs of our corporate workforce
  • Significantly improve the educational model to better fit today's increasingly demanding and virtual lifestyle
  • Leverage our modern connectivity and all technological modes, products, and tools to maximize our educational model
  • Prioritize the proper funding and resource allocation towards higher education through existing channels and new more creative revenue models
  • Ensure we get the most educational value from our higher learning organizations as we strive to control spiraling costs

Through quality and ample educational opportunities we get both a valuable equalizing benefit and an amazing healing effect. Yet we know a one-size-fits-all model does not solve our challenges and a universal test cannot determine who succeeds. We need to empower learning organizations, teachers, schools, and students to collaborate and better design curriculums, learning methods, and programs that prepare individuals to succeed and excel in today's global technological marketplace.

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"I wish more people in the general public could see this quite frankly because it's a great example of citizenship in its broadest form."

Christopher Singer, EVP & COO, PhRMA

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