My Big Task

Mission — To improve my world with the help of others.

The My Big Task room represents a general cause room where members participate in set tables of 5 to 10 members focusing on identified My Big Tasks or in general tables where all members get a chance to work on their own My Big Task. Members who do not align with a specific Big Task cause room will choose which type of table they want to participate in.

Big Task Weekend 2010 will have set My Big Task tables positioned around such issues as Sustainability, Diversity, and the Future of Transportation. If a member wishes to host a set My Big Task Table around a passionate issue with 5 to 10 members, please contact us for more information.

General My Big Task tables will give members an incredible opportunity to apply the Collaborate Action methodology, the "New We," to their own My Big Task. Each member will present their own My Big Task to a group of peers and get valuable feedback, advice, and ideas. Members will leave with new strategic direction, valuable contacts, and sustainable energy to establish their My Big Task and further their legacy.

Individuals can establish their own Big Task. Members will apply the Collaborative Action methodology to establish a Big Task and help build their own legacy.

Enhancing Military Transition to Civilian Life

Mission - To ensure that every returning soldier has the best opportunity to successfully transition back into civilian life both economically and socially.

The Enhancing Military Transition to Civilian Life cause will bring together both military ("mission home") and non-military leaders ("sacrifice repaid") and doers to collaborate on an Active Oversight Program (AOP) that helps returning soldiers and veterans successfully transition to a job, career, educational program, and/or trade. The AOP will ensure every soldier has the best opportunity, support programs, and tools to properly social reintegrate with their families, friends, and communities.

Though many wonderful programs exist, one of the challenges they all face are motivating and sustaining the motivation of returning soldiers and veterans to reach out for help, to persevere and then adhere to receive the full benefit of these programs.

This cause through its AOP will develop initiatives incorporating effective communication from existing programs to returning soldiers and veterans that will motivate and mobilize them to:

  • Seek, reach out and ask for the help that they need and so richly deserve rather than be deterred by the stigma or shame of needing such help
  • Resist the temptation to bunker down or withdraw into a life where things only get worse
  • Persevere in order to receive the full benefit of these programs rather than dropping out prematurely
  • Adhere to what they learn in these programs to give them lifelong skills to succeed in their jobs, careers and with their families
  • Spread the word to other returning soldiers and veterans that such help is available and that it works

This group will be hosted by Lt. General Marty Steele, former COO of the Marines and Dr. Mark Goulston, a renowned expert in PTSD, best-selling author of Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior and Just Listen and Tribune nationally syndicated career advice columnist.

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"I wish more people in the general public could see this quite frankly because it's a great example of citizenship in its broadest form."

Christopher Singer, EVP & COO, PhRMA

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