Financial Literacy

Mission — To develop, offer, and deliver relevant and effective financial education to consumers at all stages of their lives to ensure both personal financial success and a strong national economic foundation.

Today's consumers live in an increasingly complex global marketplace and face unprecedented personal finance challenges, among them: numerous product choices of increasing complexity, heightened opportunity to be defrauded, low savings rate, and poor preparation for retirement.

Our recent severe economic period revealed that many people do not fully understand the financial complexities of many components in their lives nor do they have a direct and easy way to become more educated around financial literacy.

Long-term economic growth and personal prosperity fundamentally depend on improving consumers' financial literacy. The more financially literate consumers become, the more likely they are to make the right financial decisions benefiting both household finances and the foundations of national economies.

All institutional levels and organizations need to work together to build an effective societal financial literacy environment that gives consumers numerous, quality, and timely financial literacy programs to enhance their understanding of key financial concepts and behaviors.

By developing and delivering the proper financial literacy information, skills, and tools, we can empower consumers to make smarter financial choices and improve their financial lives today and into their retirement.

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"I wish more people in the general public could see this quite frankly because it's a great example of citizenship in its broadest form."

Christopher Singer, EVP & COO, PhRMA

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