Collaborative Action

Mission — To develop the most comprehensive set of methodologies and practical applications to achieve accelerated collaborative action

A recent Pew Poll found that just one in four Americans has a favorable opinion of large corporations. A solid century of management theory has focused on process and resource efficiency while marginalizing the influence of human beings.

Imagine two teams — one consisting of mere acquaintances; the other of established friends — taking on the same complex project. Which team will be more creative, have more ideas, get more done faster and with fewer resources? Which team will flat-out perform better? You probably picked the friends, and you were right.

In recent years a flood of peer-reviewed scholarship has vividly illustrated the central role that various forms of "social capital" play in pretty much every avenue of professional success. Relational collaboration, clearly, is crucial. How do we achieve it?

  • Relational collaboration puts humans back at the center of the productivity equation.
  • Colleagues who have stronger personal relationships achieve more and enjoy better results.
  • Studies have found direct links between positive, authentic relationships in the workplace and revenue growth, customer retention; employee productivity; and effective problem-solving.

The Big Task Collaborative Action Community (CAC) resides under the Big Task Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  • The CAC is a collaborative of prominent academics, influencers, and expert voices in the space of collaborative action academia and organizational practice.
  • The CAC develops the most comprehensive set of methodologies and practical applications that achieve accelerated collaborative action.
  • The CAC's work inspires visionary leaders from corporations, NGOs and governments to work together towards positive societal change.

The Collaborative Action Cause room at Big Task Weekend, hosted by Cisco, will bring our Thought Leader (TL) partners from around the country together to discuss and refine the best practices to create the "new way" of collaborative action.

  • The CAC will continue the development of a teachable methodology to advocate the "New Way" of collaborative action.
  • The CAC will share its learnings with attendees at Big Task Weekend to take back to their companies and other non-profit initiatives, in order to take the next steps to making the world a better place, one relationship at a time.
  • At Big Task Weekend, the CAC will test and apply a plan to make the world a better place through collective action.

The combined Collaborative Action Communities' intellectual property will be freely available to the public in an "open-source" format (utilizing a Creative Commons license) online at CAC commits to sharing their best practices with:

  • Leaders present at the initial gathering of the Collaborative Action Community at Big Task Weekend who will take the learnings back to their companies and other non-profit initiatives.
  • Individuals who care about service and have a desire to grow in their relational excellence and collaborative skill set.
  • Those in the world who will use them to take next steps to making the world a better place, one relationship at a time.
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"I wish more people in the general public could see this quite frankly because it's a great example of citizenship in its broadest form."

Christopher Singer, EVP & COO, PhRMA

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