BTW 2010

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BTW 2010 will take place September 30th to October 2nd at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California. Big Task Weekend (BTW) is an exclusive community and a leadership forum where Executives, Political Leaders, Academics, and Leaders of NGOs connect to solve the world's biggest challenges.

The annual event has both Main Room sessions for all members and Cause Room breakout sessions based on each member's personal interest.

In the Main Room, members learn the foundation of the "New We," a proven collaborative action leadership system to effectively tackle the Big Tasks. Shared stories and interactive exercises will communicate the key lessons, methodology, and core values around creating collaboration action.

In the Big Tasks Cause Rooms, members breakout into their designated leadership groups and apply these newly learned ideas and methods to set in motion real achievable solutions to their Big Tasks.

The 2010 Big Tasks are The Future of Organizational Learning, The Future of Education, Youth Health & Wellness, Improving Healthcare Post Reform, and Financial Literacy.

Additionally, BTW 2010 will have a My Big Task Room where leaders not connected to the previous listed Big Tasks can gain support around the Big Tasks they are most passionate about.

Furthermore, Big Tasks members will connect and build powerful relationships throughout the weekend's events. These new relationships will provide peer to peer accountability and help support members in their boldest efforts moving forward.

Click here to download the Big Task Weekend 2010 agenda »

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"It really helped us to think about the range of partners that we could consider in areas that we would have normally not explored. One of the great things has been the series of lunches, meetings, and dinners to not only interact personally, but then to try to find great business partnerships as well."

Apu Mody, CEO, The Brand Accelerator; former SVP of Consumer Products, Del Monte

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