What's Unique

Big Task Weekend (BTW) delivers an incredibly unique value proposition to its members by bringing an unprecedented level of collaborative action to the world's biggest challenges.

Members of the Big Task Community are truly game changers and have a passion and desire to work on and lead the truly Big Tasks facing society. BTW breeds ACTION by teaching leaders a proven collaborative action leadership system that we call the "New We." The "New We" shared core values are a foundation of intimacy and generosity which builds the trust required for high degrees of candor and peer to peer accountability required for accelerated results.

BTW creates a unique environment that facilitates the teachings of collaborative action and allows members to immediately apply such methods to develop insightful strategic, execution, and organizational alignment solutions to the Big Tasks they are most passionate about.

What to Expect

Members can expect the following at Big Task Weekend 2010:

  • Connect with peers who will support your boldest efforts
  • Meet impactful people who share your values
  • Learn the "New We" — a proven collaborative action leadership program
  • Discover unexpected new ways to grow your organization
  • Gain momentum to tackle your Big Task
  • Impact society, your organization, and yourself
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"This has been my first Big Task Weekend and it has been really excellent in terms of helping me shape how I would take my United States brands towards a healthier place with consumers. Only through conferences like these, with access to such people who are so well developed in the understanding of their specific disciplines, are we going to make progress as an industry and as a society."

Dave Moran, President & CEO, Heinz

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