Acceptance to the exclusive Big Task Community is by application only and nontransferable. Big Task Weekend (BTW) 2010 has a limited capacity of 150 members and only early registration for approved applicants will guarantee attendance.

If you want to attend Big Task, you need to apply in one of the following three ways.

  • Either for a seat in a Big Task cause room in which case you likely bring a lot to the table: passion, influence, innovation, resources toward that particular big task and you can prove that argument clearly.
  • Or... you bring a Big Task to us with a clear mission/objective as well as a set of individuals to collaborate with. Usually the first stage is within the "My Big Task" room which is a series of individual "tables" or smaller rooms focused on refining and in some cases incubating a Big Task with hopes it will become a Big Task Cause Room over time.
  • Finally it is possible to come and join a "Discovery Table" of those who have not yet fully defined their Big Task and are looking to define/refine their Focus and Target list and launch an incubation virtually (on our website with our collaborative methodology and tools) post Big Task till the next year when the group may meet either as a My Big Task Table or perhaps even a full Cause Room. These positions are rare and held for exceptional individuals who have proven track records of achievement.

All of the rooms or tables follow the same collaborative process which was researched, created and measured and constantly modified by the CAC (Collaborative Action Community) - a very prestigious group of thought leaders in the space of collaboration and celebrated at Big Task!

All along our team helps with shaping the team (suggesting others to add), advising on the agenda and providing the methodology, tools and environment to accelerate collaborative action.

It is CRUCIAL that coming to Big Task be met with a commitment to Collaborative ACTION. We accept no event tourists and any such are not asked back until they can prove to be ready for collaborative action.

The Big Task Community is an exclusive group and we take the commitment and application process seriously. We are a community of those who can and will make a difference... TOGETHER!

If you would like to apply for membership to the Big Task Community, please click here.

Please allow 5 business days for the Executive Committee to review your application.

BTW 2010 attendees include visionary leaders who have a vested interest in creating change and recognize the power of partnerships in effecting change. Attendees are CEOs, CMOs, C-Level Executives, SVPs, Philanthropists, Academics, Politicians, and Global Leaders.

Do you have what it takes to become a Big Tasker?

  • Are you a leader in business, government, academics, or an NGO with a proven record of effecting change through broad and deep collaboration?
  • Will you care for and embrace others toward real action for a Big Task?
  • Will you choose to generously serve and support one another and the Big Task Community?
  • Will you courageously say what you believe to achieve success?
  • Will you push each other and not let each other fail?
  • Will you humbly adopt the "New We" in your leadership and life and freely share it with others?

BTW 2010 will take place September 30th to October 2nd at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California.

Big Task Membership Fees

Individual — Big Task Annual Membership ($3,000) — this includes admission to the 2010 Big Task Weekend, and invitation to future Big Task regional dinners and summits.

Patron — Big Task Annual Membership ($6,000) — this includes VIP admission to the 2010 Big Task Weekend (VIP seating at events and meals, as well as invitation to a VIP dinner the evening before BTW begins) and invitation to future Big Task regional dinners and summits. This membership fee is a contribution to the Big Task Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

For more information please contact Dan Lack, BTW Managing Director at 310.444.0049 ext 124.

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"What Big Task stands for is very important to all of us. It's the mission to help people make more informed health decisions. It's a perfect atmosphere because we all come with the idea that we have something to offer and if we can figure out from a partnering standpoint where there are common interests and objectives, we can leave here with something specific that we can capitalize on."

Wayne Gatinella, CEO, WebMD

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