America's Health & Wellness

Mission — To educate and motivate Americans to improve their health & wellness at all stages of life

America's health and wellness has become a top priority. For a long time we have lived in a health environment with many systemic flaws both on the consumer and the healthcare delivery side. We now need to make great strides on improving the health behaviors of all Americans.

Great opportunities exist in changing American behavior towards prevention and wellness. By educating and motivating individuals on the best health and nutrition practices, we can dramatically improve the nation's health. We need to strive to become a global leader in national health status by making significant strides in reducing tobacco consumption, increasing healthy physical exercise, and improving individual's diets.

Through a national collaborative effort involving government, corporate America, and health professionals in all key areas of the health arena, we can initiate numerous "easy-to-implement" Big Tasks to improve America's health and wellness.

  • Motivating individuals to adopt the best health practices for preventing sickness and disease
  • Improving the health environment in corporate America
  • Expanding the availability of public and private health centers
  • Increasing the quality and access to all types of health education
  • Focusing on improve the health and wellness of senior citizens
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"I wish more people in the general public could see this quite frankly because it's a great example of citizenship in its broadest form."

Christopher Singer, EVP & COO, PhRMA

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