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Big Task Mission

BIG TASK brings an unprecedented level of collaborative action to the world's biggest challenges while growing together in our ability to develop a new way of leading for society, shareholders, and ourselves.

Big Task Weekend 2010

Pasadena, California
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Big Task Weekend 2010

For visionary leaders to serve, learn, and improve our world

What to expect
  • Connect with peers who will support your boldest efforts
  • Meet impactful people who share your values
  • Learn the "New We" - a proven collaborative action leadership program
  • Discover unexpected new ways to grow your organization
  • Gain momentum to tackle your Big Task
  • Impact society, your organization, and yourself

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The Big Task Way

A proven collaborative action leadership program we call the "New We"

  • Created by some of the greatest minds and influencers in the space of "human collaborative performance"
  • The "New We" teaches leaders the proven mindset, process, and skills of collaborative action to successfully lead and tackle the really Big Tasks
  • The shared core values are a foundation of intimacy and generosity which builds the trust necessary for high degrees of candor and peer to peer accountability required for accelerated results
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